Greece will muddle through


By Ben Rooney @CNNMoneyInvest May 10, 2012: 5:19 AM ET Greek voters are fed up with austerity, but that doesn’t mean they want to drop the euro. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The political stalemate in Greece has raised concerns that the nation is more likely than ever to leave the euro currency union. But it may be too soon to say that the Greek government — once there is one — will decide that abandoning the euro is in the national interest. Greece has been thrust into political chaos after last weekend’s elections failed to give any party a clear majority in Parliament. The main concern is that the lack of leadership in Athens could jeopardize the nation’s bailout agreement with the European…

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Iberdrola Profit Ticks Up, Driven By Overseas OperationsFox BusinessMC), Spain's largest power-utility firm by market capitalization, said it its operations in the US and Latin America drove its profits in the first three months of the year, as business in its home market continued to suffer due to a prolonged […]