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One of the Cayman Islands’ most colourful celebrations and experiences on offer to tourists and residents is the CayMAS Carnival signature event, happening from June 29 to July 4 in the Cayman Islands this year. According to Craig “Festa” Frederick, the almost week-long event includes the Kallabbra Paintopia J’ouvert, pre-event fetes, live performances by local and international musicians, amazing costumes and thousands of masqueraders representing a kaleidoscope of nationalities.

Event kick-off

The “kick-off” for the event will be the Soca On The Beach Fete on the night of Wednesday, June 29, where international and local DJs will play the latest soca tunes. It is one of the many get togethers that will get revelers in the CayMAS mood and will set the tone for what is expected to be an unforgettable CayMAS Carnival experience.

Thursday: two events

On Thursday, June 30, CayMAS Carnival revelers will have two event options that night. One of the events is the Blossom Fete, which is a walk down memory lane with some giants in the industry, including Shurwayne Winchester, Edwin Yearwood, and Red Plastic Bag all performing with local songbirds, Vashti and Erica Assai.

The other event will be the Sweet Relief Fete, featuring epic International and local DJs and entertainers.

CayMAS Carnival revelers have the option of attending one or both events on the Thursday night.

Friday, July 1

On Friday afternoon, CayMAS Carnival celebrations will move onto the world-renowned Day Fete, ‘ _UCK WORK’. This is a Friday afternoon that many people look forward to as they decide to take a stress- free break from work and enjoy the flair and top-class experience put on in the afternoon by organisers.

Later, on Friday night, the CayMAS Carnival celebrations will continue with a banging live performance Fete with the likes of Sekon Sta, Preedy, Nessa Preepy, Olatunji and more. It is the ultimate warm-up for the Road Experience for CayMAS Carnival.

Saturday, July 2 (morning): Breakfast Fete

On Saturday morning, the CayMAS Carnival tradition will continue with the Original Breakfast Fete by Chicken Run International, which is always an event of good food and great vibes.

Saturday, July 2 (afternoon): Revelers On de road and CayMAS Soca Monarch

A few hours after having a good breakfast, the official CayMAS parade will take place, which, this year, will feature the most beautiful costumes and thousands of local and international masqueraders uniting in celebration. According to Swanky International, it is a “one love” embracing revelers from all nationalities, cultures, social statuses and ages.

CayMas revelers

As to the parade route, CayMAS Carnival will take tourist and resident revelers through the waterfront of Downtown, then onto the West Bay Road and, finally, into the jewel of the Cayman Islands, the Public Beach, as locals intimately call it. It is (undoubtedly), the most amazing route for any Carnival in the world.

CayMas route

Saturday, July 2 (night):

Following the parade, revelers will have the opportunity to witness the crowning of a new CayMAS Soca Monarch. Regarding this, Swanky International and CayMas revelers will be asking “who will it be?”

After Soca Monarch, Swanky International says that revelers with energy still left in the tank will enjoy Swanky AfterMAS on the Beach, the FETE of ALL FETES in the Cayman Islands.

In addition to the excited CayMAS revelers, Swanky AfterMAS on the Beach will showcase two of the current juggernauts in the soca business, being Farmer Nappy and Iwer George, the two most recent International Soca Monarchs and Road March winner.

With all of these amazing events, food and music, Craig “Festa” Frederick said “this is going to be like a movie! And the fun doesn’t stop there!”

CayMas revelers

Sunday, July 3 (day): Boat Flex

After enjoying themselves on Saturday night, revelers can look forward to an all boats Sunday outing where they will have the further pleasure of the annual TIDE UP Boat Flex, which Swanky International promises will be a unique experience.

Sunday, July 3 (night): Kallabbra’s Paintopia J’ouvert

On Sunday night, Kallabbra is introducing a new concept to the CayMAS weekend calendar; the Paintopia J’ouvert. Swanky International says that night “we getting dutty!” so revelers will have to come out and see what takes place, including any surprises on the night.

Monday, July 4: Day Fete and Culmination

Swanky International shared that the plethora of events will end on Monday, July 4, 2022 with the classiest of the all, Swanky Couture, a Day Fete that celebrates the talented Caribbean women.

It is a day that Swanky International has reserved for all female talent, including amazing Caribbean Women like DJ Rocksteadyy, DJ Sachi, DJ Duchess, and much more.

Registration deadline approaching

For local and international revelers, Swanky International is sending a reminder that the CayMAS Carnival registration deadlines vary as they are based on the CayMAS Carnival costume of your choice, while supplies last. These deadlines are set out below.

Costume registration deadlines

Swanky International is encouraging everyone to register on time and get their Swanky costume of choice for the road from Digicel or on or

For international revelers traveling to the Cayman Islands for the CayMAS Carnival this July, organisers say that they should visit for their Carnival concierge bookings while availability lasts.

In addition, the CayMAS Carnival organisers are offering a discount of CI$20 off Swanky or Nirvana Cayman costumes by entering the discount coupon code “LOOP20”! This will be available for the first 50 Loop readers.

Swanky International said that everyone should take advantage of these discounts.

We want you on the Road with THE Band for Carnival in the Cayman Islands!

Swanky International said.