Does Increased Air and Sea Movement of Travellers to and from Anguilla Signal Economic Recovery?

The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Minister Haydn Hughes is pleased with the recent level of activity involving air and sea movement, of visitors and locals, to and from Anguilla.

Speaking at the Government’s press briefing on Monday, March 14, Mr. Hughes attributed the increase in air and sea movement to “marketing and working with the health team to evolve the protocols allowing for easy travel into Anguilla.”

He noted that this past weekend there were many jets and other planes flying in and out at the Clayton J Lloyd International Airport (CJLIA). “On last Friday, there were 53 flights; on Saturday, there were 105 flights; and on Sunday, there were 98 flights.”

Mr Hughes commented that in addition to the busy air traffic at CJLIA over the weekend, the Blowing Point (BP) seaport was also busy accommodating persons travelling to and from St Maarten.
He observed: “Even though we have seen a significant [number] of persons and movement through the aerodrome, we still have a significant [number] of persons moving through the BP ferry terminal. Over the weekend we had 1,847 persons traversing through the terminal with 68 boat movements on Friday, 168 boat movements on Saturday, and 112 boat movements on Sunday.”

He continued: “We have also seen an increase in traffic moving through the Marigot terminal. Over the weekend there were 370 persons [travelling] through this terminal. [This route] is now starting to come back and we extend gratitude to the ferry boat operators in Marigot who have really suffered during the shutdown. That sector is the last to participate in the economy that we have created.”