Cuba to relax COVID-19 entry requirements, effective April 6, 2022 | Loop Cayman Islands

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Cuba’s Ministry for Health has announced that international sanitary control regulations will be relaxed for travellers, effective on Wednesday, April 6.

One major adjustment is that it will no longer be mandatory for passengers to present a PCR test or antigen test at entry points to Cuba. In addition, a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 is not required.

Notwithstanding that no proof of vaccination or PCR tests are required, random PCR sampling will be maintained at points of entry, taking into account the number of flights, the entry of boats and the epidemiological risk represented by the country of origin.

Where a person tests positive in connection with a random PCR sampling, Cuban authorities will proceed according to the protocols approved in the country for the clinical-epidemiological control of COVID-19.

In relation to protocols, Cuba will continue to recommend the practice of social distancing and disinfection of hands and surfaces. The use of masks will also remain mandatory at all points of entry into the country.

According to the Ministry of Health, which made the announcement through its Juventud Tecnica channel, the level of vaccination coverage in Cuba has allowed for the foregoing, more flexible measures to be adopted.

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