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The CPA Agenda Noted: “The Authority Should Consider The Impact Upon The Existing Canopies For The Fish Market”

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Red Spot Beach
(Image: CPA Meeting Agenda)

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At the Central Planning Authority (CPA) meeting to be held on November 22, 2023, the CPA will hear an application by Chris Johnson (Johnson Design & Architecture) to build a stairs and ramp at Block OPY Parcel 5, Red Spot Beach, next to Cayman Cabana.

Based on the Planning Department analysis, “The proposed stairs and ramp would be located at the edge of the sidewalk and lead down to Red Spot Beach.”

Explaining the purpose of the site works, the applicant said:

The overall intent of this application is to:

1. Provide wheelchair and full access to the beach.

2. Provide a better place to swim. 

3. Cleanup and rectify damage done to the site. Heavy, unregulated use of the site by the Fishermen has caused damage over the years including concrete poured onsite without landowner or planning permission. We understand that facilities for the fishermen will be provided at the new government site north of the Lobster Pot.

4. Provide a better experience for cruise ship visitors to the site. 

5. provide a park-like site which locals can enjoy. Benches, steps and planters are proposed to accommodate and encourage locals to enjoy the beautiful site.

Regarding comments on the application, the Planning Department Analysis noted, “The Authority should consider the impact upon the existing canopies for the fish market that is located on the beach.”

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DoE) said:

If the Central Planning Authority or Planning Department is minded to grant planning permission for the proposed development, we recommend the inclusion of the following conditions in the approval:

1) All construction materials shall be stockpiled off-site (not on the beach) to reduce the possibility of run-off washing material (including cement leachate) and debris into the marine environment causing turbidity and impacting water quality.

The National Roads Authority said they do “not have any issues or concerns with the addition of a ramp, planters and seating to a sidewalk, however, we ask that the CPA have the applicant install railings for pedestrians along… Block OPY Parcel 7 to avoid pedestrian falling.”

The application will be discussed further at the CPA meeting on November 22, 2023, at 10:00 am in Conference Room 1038, 1st Floor, Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town.

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