The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Saturday, February 5, was the 78th birthday of Anguilla’s premier sculpturist and renowned artist, Mr. Courtney Devonish. It was also the anniversary of Devonish Art Gallery which began operations in Anguilla 53 years ago.
To celebrate the double occasion, Mr. Devonish invited the public to join with him at the gallery in South Hill for an entertaining evening over wine and cheese.
“It was an awesome event,” Mr. Devonish said with great delight. “Many friends came to celebrate with me, and I was very impressed with the turnout. There were old friends and acquaintances whom I knew from long ago, as well as new faces. We all had a swell time. I am indeed grateful for 78 years of life and for the fifty-third anniversary of the gallery’s operations.”

He continued: “Carrolle and I would like to thank all of the patrons and friends who turned out to make our evening so delightful. I was particularly enthused and happy to meet a visitor from Coventry in the UK where I studied art and had my first exhibition. Meeting him brought back fond memories of my beginnings in sculpture work which I think was so appropriate.”
“The exhibition is still going on at the gallery,” he said. “I have included in it two of the last pieces of sculpture from the old fallen traditional Mahogany Tree, and I am also in the process of making new carvings.”
The current Managing Director of the gallery is Mrs. Doreen Liburd. Reflecting on Saturday’s grand event, she said: “The night was a beautiful one. I had expected to have a great time, but it turned out way beyond what I had imagined.

“The combined celebration was exceptionally heartwarming. We could not ask for more, having such a great turnout. Everyone enjoyed the wine and cheese — and the refreshments in general were welcoming to the pallet. Besides, many of the folks who were invited brought special gifts for Mr. Devonish which he has promised to treasure.”
The management and staff of The Anguillian extend belated congratulations to Mr. Devonish.