Chocolate tycoon heads for landslide victory in Ukraine presidential election


Petro Poroshenko has faced down protesters and rivals to lead the opinion polls before the first round of voting on Sunday Presidential hopeful Petro Poroshenko meets supporters in Uma. Photograph: Reuters For a man with presidential ambitions, it was not a propitious scene. Petro Poroshenko stood atop a bulldozer between a line of police and an angry crowd chanting expletives at him. Shouting into a loudhailer he urged calm, asking protesters to desist from storming the presidential headquarters in Kiev. Hardcore elements in the crowd didn’t like his speech; they responded with jeers of “dickhead” and “Jew trash”. (Actually, Poroshenko is a Christian.) Someone dragged him off his perch….

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DIH's trades contributed 13.70% ($648,000) of the total consideration. All of DIH's trades were at $20.0. Caribbean Container Incorporated's (CCI) single trade of 5,000 shares at $10.0 represented 3.89% of the total shares traded. CCI's shares …..To ...