Chinese city of Harbin blanketed in heavy pollution


Choking clouds of pollution blanketed a Chinese city famed for its annual ice festival Monday, slashing visibility to a few metres, shutting schools and halting transport in scenes that underscored the nation’s environmental challenges. Footage from Harbin on state broadcaster CCTV showed a screen full of charcoal-brown smog, with faint shapes and colours beneath hinting at roads, cars and traffic signals. Elementary and middle schools were ordered to cancel class and operations were halted for public buses,…

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US Army chief warns budget cuts could have dire effect

WASHINGTON: A top commander warned Monday that looming budget cuts and misguided military planning could potentially cripple the US Army if reductions in troop levels are taken too far. General Ray Odierno, the Army’s chief of staff, railed against chronic financial uncertainty facing the military due to political deadlock and […]