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Cayman’s last living 1959 Town Hall Vestryman, Arley James (A. J.) Miller, passed away on Monday (May 9).

Mr Miller, who hailed from Bodden Town, had been the final surviving Vestryman to serve in Cayman’s original legislative body, the Assembly of Justices and Vestry, which transitioned to the Legislative Assembly on July 13, 1959 and is now Cayman’s House of Parliament.

Mr Miller was recognised at the 2020 National Heroes Day celebrations at Heroes square and in 2019, during the Celebrate Cayman Constitution Weekend, a limited edition commemorative coin for the 60th Anniversary of the Cayman Islands Coat of Arms was presented to him at a special Town Hall ceremony.

Said the Leader of the Progressives, Mr Roy McTaggart, in a statement issued earlier today:

Mr Miller was one of the 35 Justices and Vestrymen who oversaw the transition to a more politically and economically modern Cayman Islands. A transition that included our receiving our Coat of Arms and our first written constitution. As a politician and political campaigner, Mr Miller was very respected, and he served his beloved Bodden Town and Cayman Islands for many years…

With the passing of A.J. Miller, our Islands have lost yet another Caymanian icon who loved and served his country and his people. His name is written in our history books. So even with the passage of time, he will be remembered by future generations of Caymanians. We, the members of the Progressives, recognise and pay tribute to the legacy of Mr Miller and his contribution, alongside his political colleagues, to the modernising of Cayman’s politics and economy.

On behalf of the Progressives, I offer sincere condolences to Mr Miller’s family and friends.

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