Cayman youth make history | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Yesterday, during government’s weekly Caucus meeting, history was made.

“We regularly have presentations to Caucus, but today’s is by far the single most impactful to date,” said Premier, Wayne Panton with respect to what has been described as a “passionate presentation” made by youth groups Youth Ambassadors Programme, part of the Alex Panton Foundation, and members of Protect Our Future.

The presentation was rooted in topical issues facing the Cayman Islands today such as improvements and solutions to areas such as development, education, mental health and wellness, environmental protection, housing, and immigration.

The students, ranged from 15 to 20 years, came from different districts and different schools, and presented on a number of topics which are causing them grave concern.

Said the Premier of the topics discussed:

They are advocating for more intergenerational discourse and to provide possible solutions to some of the urgent problems facing the country. They spoke to 4 pillars–education, health, economics, and environment (including climate change) in the hopes of creating an informal road map to Cayman’s future.

My colleagues and I recognise the importance of including the younger generation’s perspective in our policy making, decision making, and priority projects. The students displayed an impressive level of critical thinking and acknowledged that while they want decisions made for the long term, they also want to see immediate action.

Presentations such as this one by the Youth Ambassadors underscore why we are a People-Driven government and who we are working for – this and future generations of Caymanians.

The Alex Panton Foundation is a not-for-profit with the primary objective of raising awareness of mental illnesses affecting children and young adults in the Cayman Islands. The Youth Ambassador Programme was created by the Alex Panton Foundation to provide support to the youth of Cayman who experience mental health challenges, in particular anxiety and depression, in a way that builds resilience and inspires hope through the young people developing their own path forward within the program. YAP aims to inspire the young people to offer peer support with compassion, understanding and active listening.

Protect our Future is a youth-led environmental advocacy group, based in the Cayman Islands, working towards a sustainable future.