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There has been a makred increase in traffic tickets and incidents in the Cayman Islands in 2022 with a significant part of the uptick in traffic tickets being recorded in the George Town area and then West Bay, mostly due to speeding. This is according to the RCIPS Annual Crime and Traffic Statistical Report for 2021, released on March 30.

RCIPS issued 9,097 tickets fortraffic offences in 2021– an increase of 1,446 tickets or 19 per cent compared to 2020.


In 2021 there were 3,730 tickets issued in relation to speeding, a reduction of 267 or (7 per cent) on 2020. On average drivers were issued speeding tickets 17 miles per hour above the speed limit. In total there were 10 tickets issued where the recorded speed was greater than 80 mph.

According to RCIPS, primary hotspot roads for speeding on Grand Cayman remain the key arterial routes on the island as there are significant groupings of offences at locations on these roads where vehicles can achieve the greatest speeds or proactive roads policing enforcement operations are taking place.


In 2021 there were a total of 312 summons in relation to offences related to driving under the influence, an increase of 84 or 37 per cent compared to 2020. RCIPS attributes this in part to the proactive and targeted approach of traffic operations at key days, times and locations.

Approximately 26 per cent of all DUI offences in 2021 involved a driver that was a least double the drink drive limit. In 2 per cent of DUI offences that driver was 3 times the drink drive limit. Approximately 36 per cent of all DUI offences in 2021 also involved a motor vehicle accident.

The primary hotspot areas for offences of DUI in 2021 remain central George Town and the West Bay Road, along the Seven Mile Beach corridor.

Traffic Statistics from the the latest crime and traffic statistics report

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2021 officers attended 2,633 Motor vehicle accidents, an increase of 466 or 22 per cent compared to 2020. On average there are 51 MVA’s a week in the Cayman Islands.

These fatalities were located in George Town (3), West Bay (3), East End (1), Bodden Town (1) and Cayman Brac (1). Speeding, dangerous driving, alcohol and drug consumption are identified as factors that have contributed to the road fatalities in 2021.

There were 9 fatalities on the roads of the Cayman Islands in 2021, the same total as 2020.

In 2021, 27 persons suffered serious injury and 292 persons suffered slight injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.


In response to community concerns regarding road safety, the RCIPS initiated Operation QUAKER to tackle driving offences and pursue offenders with heightened and targeted enforcement across the Cayman Islands. This resulted in substantial increases in arrests for DUI and persons being ticketed for using a mobile phone when driving, and high levels of vehicles with illegal tint.

On Monday March 28, the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit was officially expanded to include a new unit of seven police officers. The unit is being led by one sergeant, PS Joleta Wolliston, and she will have six constables working alongside her to meet the needs of Road Policing in the Eastern Districts.