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Public Health has released COVID-19 figures for April 5 which reveal that a vaccinated patient with severe comorbidities has passed away from COVID-19.

This brings the total COVID related deaths since March 2020 to 27. Public Health says that this will be reflected in the situational report for Week 14.

Positive cases reported to Public Health during this period are currently as follows:

03/04/2022 42

04/04/2022 55

There are 636 estimated active cases of COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands. Two patients are currently hospitalised for COVID related causes and of these, one is unvaccinated.

The 7-day rolling average for 5 April is 44.

The Sister Islands also noted six new cases since their last report, bringing total cases since the beginning of the pandemic to 666.

Regionally, Barbados has experienced a 157 per cent surge in the virus over the past two weeks and holds the top spot in the region for COVID-19. In second position is Bermuda and in third position is Trinidad and Tobago.

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