Cayman COVID numbers climbing | Loop Cayman Islands

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According to statistics released last night, there are currently 733 active cases of COVID-19, representing more than 1 per cent of the population. This is an increase of 31 cases since April 19 when there were 702 active cases reported. This is up from 0.8 per cent in recent reports.

An increase was also recorded in the most recent statistical report from Public Health.

During Public Health Epi. Week 15 between April 10 and 16, there were a total of 373 new cases of COVID-19 reported by Public Health, representing 89 cases more than what was reported in the previous Epi. Week.

Global Comparison

Cayman is currently at #26 in the world for COVID-19 and third in the Caribbean after Barbados and Bermuda, according to the New York Times.

Tests run/ Positive cases

Public Health officials noted that 1,427 tests were conducted in Epi. Week 15, compared to 1,046 tests were in Epi. Week 14 and 1,436 tests conducted in Epi. Week 13.

The test positivity rate was at 24.5 percent for Epi. Week 15.

Positive cases reported to Public Health during the past few days have been as follows:

Wednesday April 13: 66

Thursday April 14: 60

Friday April 15: 46

Saturday April 16: 40

Sunday April 17: 36

Monday April 18: 55

Tuesday April 19: 86


On April 20, two patients were hospitalised for COVID related causes and both were unvaccinated. On April 19, four patients were hospitalised for COVID related causes and of these, three were unvaccinated.

Between April 10-16, there were nine inpatients admitted to hospital. Of these, 33 percent were vaccinated.

There have been 258 COVID-19 patients admitted since March 2020 to 16 April 2022.

Rolling averages

The 7-day rolling average for April 20 is 56. The 7-day rolling average for April 19 was 52.

Sister Islands

The Sister Islands reported two new cases between April 19 and 20, leaving total cases since the beginning of the pandemic at 689.