Carnage Across Iraq Leaves 184 Killed, 183 Wounded


Militants continued their siege of Mosul today and also attack a university in Ramadi. Later in the day, Baghdad suffered from a series of bombings. Overall, at least 184 people were killed and 183 were wounded. Anbar: In Ramadi, militants attempted a takeover of the University of Anbar. The attack began when militants killed three police guards and then took hostage a number of students in a dormitory. Some of the students were removed from their rooms, but their fate is unclear. After a few hours, the…

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Latin Americans journey to Brazil World Cup – Moulton Advertiser

Latin Americans journey to Brazil World CupMoulton AdvertiserChile soccer fans are illuminated by lights from a local TV station as they are interviewed in their car just before departing with a caravan for the World Cup in Brazil, from Santiago, Chile, early Friday June 6, 2014. Held every four years, […]