The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

“During this week, the Buy Local Month campaign focused on crop production in Anguilla. The more food we can produce locally, the healthier it is for us and the less money and resources will be leaving Anguilla,” observed Mr. Kyle Hodge, Minister of Natural Resources.

Farmers and students throughout Anguilla participated in planned activities prepared by the Department of Natural Resources in collaboration with local presenters. Activities included lectures, in-field demonstrations and virtual trivia games.

Large scale commercial farmers and backyard farmers engaged in field activities in plant propagation. Activities included the actual process of growing plants from a variety of sources –seeds, seedlings, cuttings and other plant parts. Participants engaged in planting activities such as seeding trays and seed bed preparation. They received tips on herbicide methods and application, as well as information on the benefits and negative impacts of both herbicides and pesticides on food quality and production – as well on the environment.

Farmers received hands-on demonstrations and techniques in post-harvest management. They received helpful information on how to manage their produce after harvesting it, and step-by-step guidance on systems of handling, storing, and transporting crops after harvest – from the farm to the table.

Primary school students from across the island had an opportunity to attend a lecture on agriculture. Minister Hodge noted: “We are not forgetting the young ones who are the up-and-coming future of Anguilla.”

On the Anguilla Department of Natural Resources Facebook page, persons participated in a fun activity – a virtual game of agriculture trivia.