Bush and Saunders Call for Independent Probe into Electricity Meters Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

A motion is expected to be moved by MP McKeeva Bush in the next sitting of Parliament next week to address the cost of electricity in the Cayman Islands. Specifically, the motion queries how the electricity monopoly does meter readings.

According to the motion, a concern arose because “the cost of electricity is extremely high in our Islands” and “there have been many complaints from the public in regards to their costs.”

When asked for more details, Bush added, “Many persons over the years [have] complained about the high cost.”

As to what members of the public communicated to Bush, he said, “Some only to say that it must be [due to a ] faulty meter reading.”

Bush then shared that in one case, the electricity bill “went from about $14-1,500 odd to $2,090.00 and then to $4,231.00.”

Bush suggested that “there has to be something very wrong in this whole process to get to billing.”

To get to the bottom of this, Bush said that his “objective is to get an independent investigation in the way it is checked and computed and matters connected thereto.”

He is therefore asking the Parliament to pass the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED that Government considers commissioning an independent investigation by knowledgeable persons who would be charged with examining how the Caribbean Utilities Company do their meter readings and how the results are computed.

MP Christopher Saunders, the Elected Member for Bodden Town West, seconded this motion being brought by Bush.