Burt report card: praise for works, security | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda News


David Burt praised one of his Cabinet members for addressing long-running problems that had plagued his ministry.The Premier said the Minister of Public Works, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, had “inherited a ministry that was debilitated in many areas” after the Progressive Labour Party returned to power in July 2017.Mr Burt said: “He had to make difficult decisions, such as moving trash collection days to once a week. He started to upgrade public parks with fitness equipment.”The m
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Burt: growth is way out of crisis | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda News

The fintech industry can help keep Bermuda from “economic ruin” and prevent the need for devastating cuts, according to the Premier.David Burt acknowledged financial technology had experienced setbacks since it was hailed as a major job creator in the early days of his premiership.But he insisted it had created economic […]