Bosnia marks war centennial with unity theme


Sarajevo has marked the centennial of a prince’s murder that lit the fuse for World War One, offering a message of unity to a divided country and a continent buffeted by deep social and economic strife. The centerpiece of a string of cultural and sporting events on Saturday will be a concert by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra in the Bosnian capital, where the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was shot dead with his wife on a…

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Latin America ‘rejects’ Suarez ban – Independent Online

Independent Online Latin America ‘rejects’ Suarez banIndependent Online“It’s very painful this disproportionate punishment that Fifa has taken against Luis Suarez, a great striker who belongs to all of us in South America,” said Maduro, the populist successor to late Venezuelan socialist firebrand Hugo Chavez. “Noone …Soccer–Latin American leftists see red […]