As Kamala Harris Ends Presidential Bid, Her ‘African-Americanness” Comes Into Question Again


News Americas, NEW YORK,
NY., Weds. Dec. 4, 2019:
As California senatorKamala Harris, announced she was ending
her presidential campaign Tuesday, questions over her whether she is African
American or not, again raised its ugly head on social media sites including

The senator, who was born in America to Shayamala Gopalan, an Indian
immigrant to the US and father, Donald Harris, an immigrant from Jamaica, has said
she is black and African American.

But her immigrant roots to Jamaica and India always put her outside what
some claim is the box of ‘African Americaness.’

Here’s just some of the harsh reactions posted on Twitter after Harris
announced she was leaving the race:

Nathan Cook VII @nathans7th

“@CNBC Stop calling #KamalaHarris an “African-American” Her
father is a Jamaican immigrant and her mother is Indian. She was raised in
French-Canada and has a Jewish Husband. She has ZERO ties to Black- American
(#ADOS) culture.”

Shelby Smith @shelbytsmyth

“The banner on Fox today read “Second African-American Presidential
hopeful (Kamala Harris) drops out of the race.” 
Let’s get this straight: Kamala Harris is NOT an African-American. She
is a Jamaican-Indian-American. Come on Fox get it together. P.S. Please.”

Buddahfan @Buddahfan

“Kamala Harris is Black but she is Jamaican-Indian-American not
African-American. Just because a person is Black does not make them

TheStoryPrincess @paynecth

“Van honey just stop please.  1.
She is not an ADOS Black woman she is POC Indian and Jamaican she only Id’d as
Black for the campaign until that didn’t work. 2 She was disrespectful to us as
a group and Black men in particular (that includes you boo) 3 Her record as AG
in Ca.”

Mtnlover @Mtnhiker55

“Well if she was born of Jamaican & Indian parents, she’s not
African American.”

StayPositive @Swordfish600

“I know Democrats don’t care about truth or details but, Kamala Harris’
mother is from India and her Father is from 🇯🇲 Jamaica. Not exactly African anything.”

Kimberly Richardson @kimlikesithere

“It turns out, there was no Indian-Jamaican-American Coalition for a
candidate that looks black and calls herself African-American but said she
would not do anything specifically for American Descendants of Slavery
#ADOS.  We told you!”

Ash 🌙 @ashscheherazade

“You are not African American. The next census will have aggregation for
you to mark yourself as Jamaican.”

Tricia Galazzo @ChicoWildcats96

“The East Indian / Jamaican who calls herself African American has
dropped out. I guess pandering to pot heads doesn’t help a presidential

Pro-Life-Prophet @ProLifeProfit1

“Pretending to be African American, when your father is Jamaican, and
your mother an Indian, she never had a shot.”

Rocknmusicman @Rocknmusicman

“@KamalaHarris keeps lying about being an African American, she’s Indian
and Jamaican.

Pocketwraps @pocketwraps

“African American, where do you get your information? Her mother is
eastern Indian, and her father is Jamaican.”

Tom S @etech52

“@pbsnewshour in your Kamala Harris piece that just aired, it was
falsely stated that Harris was an African-American, she’s an Indian-Jamaican.
African-American denotes ancestry from African slaves in America!”

Ash @PunisherMK25

“She’s not an “African-American.” She’s black woman of Jamaican &
Indian descent.  She is an American, but
even if she was a descendent of African slaves, why is anyone a
hyphenated-American?? We’re too divided. What’s wrong with just being an
American & celebrating that??”

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