The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The World Health Organisation (WHO) noted that, globally, there were 22 million new cases of covid and 59, 000 new covid-related deaths reported over the past week, with inequity in vaccination across the globe as the biggest threat to protection from the virus.

The variant of concern is still Omicron which accounts for 93.3% of the covid cases reported globally. In Anguilla, Omicron accounts for 22 of the last 29 cases, or 75%.

“The longer we have this high level of cases and deaths, the longer it will take to declare this pandemic over,” observed Dr. Aisha Andrewin, Chief Medical Officer with the Anguilla Health Authority.

“Although we are seeing some glimmers of hope, the acute phase of the pandemic is not over. That is the real take home message. We are still looking at vaccination coverage as the main way to get us towards normalcy.”

Dr. Andrewin noted that while some countries, including the UK, have relaxed many of their covid restrictions, it should be noted that they have vaccination rates of over 70%. She observed that the UK, in particular, has a 71% covid vaccination rate and a 95% covid antibody rate.

Covid Statistics for Anguilla as of
February 7

Confirmed Cases: 2,436
Recovered: 2,406
Active cases: 21
Deaths: 9 (7 unvaccinated adults; 2 vaccinated adults with underlying risk factors)

Vaccination Statistics for Anguilla as of February 4
Fully Vaccinated:9,418 (61% adult population)
477 (36% ages 12-17)