The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

On the evening of Friday, 25thMarch, the Anguilla Red Cross held a special ceremony at the Raymond Guishard Football Stadium Conference Room in celebration of the work and commitment of its valuable volunteers and affiliates.

The chairperson for the Friday evening’s event was Volunteer Manager, Breanna Webster. Mr. Trevor Queely, the organization’ s Programmes Manager, presented opening remarks after giving commendation to the stellar efforts of Volunteer Manager, Breanna.

“Breanna has a great team that she has been working with since she joined us last year.” he said. “She has exerted much effort in her Red Cross activities, and she is moving forward. I would like to publicly give her due recognition for her work at the Anguilla Red Cross.”

Mr. Queely went on: “My heart is filled with joy today because this event is so

mething that I had been looking forward to over the years. This evening, we are officially welcoming our volunteers to the organization. This is a remarkable occasion because we all are humanitarians. We all give up of our time and we make special effort sto help others.

“The volunteers who are being inducted this evening have completed their basic training. Among other facets, they have pursued courses in safety, and orientation. So, indeed, I would like to welcome all of our inductees onboard.”
Dr. Ronya Foy Connor was on hand to bring welcome remarks, as a representative of the Governing Committee of the Anguilla Red Cross. She said in part: “On behalf of the Governing Committee, as Secretary, I would like to welcome each and every one of you, especially our new volunteers, into the Anguilla Red Cross.
“To those who have been volunteering before at the Red Cross or in other humanitarian capacities, I want to encourage you to continue volunteering and giving of your time and energy to noteworthy causes. As we know, volunteerism is essential in our world today. To care for those around you, not just family and friends, but even to care for strangers, whom you do not know, is essential now, even more than ever.
“So I just want to applaud each and every one of you,” she said, “for taking such a powerful step as volunteers. To render service through giving of you time and your energy is one of the most rewarding things that you can ever do with your life. So, I thank you in advance for all of your countless, thankless hours of service. Have a wonderful induction ceremony.”
Ms. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse then presented certificates and pins to those persons who would be inducted. She then showed special honour to the new volunteers by bestowing upon them the Henry Dunant Award. Before presenting those awards, she gave a few comments: “To work as volunteer is not a job. This is a selfless service. We are all called to serve and contribute to humanitarian causes. That is what we do at the Anguilla Red Cross.”
Mrs. Hobbs Nurse then read remarks related to the the Henry Dunant Awards which were about to be conferred upon the noble recipients:
“The Anguilla Red Cross received the highest team award within the Red Cross Movement, the Dunant Award. The Dunant Award is named after Henry Dunant, the Founder of the Red Cross Movement.
“Over 40 Red Cross volunteers, Cadets and CERTs are receiving Dunant pins in recognition of their outstanding humanitarian service exhibited following the Category 5 hurricane in 2017. Due to logistical challenges, these pins took some time to get to us, but now they are here, and as they say, ‘better late than never’.
“The British Red Cross along with other donors and partners contributed thousands to the response effort and the BRC saw it fitting to present this team award to the Anguilla Red Cross volunteers for their dedication and efforts towards humanity amidst the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. So, let us join hands as they come forward to receive this prestigious award.”
The coveted Henry Dunant Award was presented to some 68 volunteers.
A representative from the St. James Medical School was called upon to give an overview of the Red Cross Club there. According to Mrs. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse, associates of the Red Cross at the St. James Medical School cannot participate fully as volunteers in the Anguilla Red Cross, so a report of the Red Cross Club at the St. James Medical School was shared by the President of the Club, Ms. Farah Bendmar.