The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The Anguilla Cycling Association (ACA) hosted it’s second race for the 2023 season on Sunday 19th March,2023.A total of 21 Cyclists from Anguilla and neighboring St. Martin/St. Maarten met on the Rev. Leonard C Carty Road (North Hill Back Road) to settle their competitive differences.The race was organised in two segments – the Juniors and Elite cyclists’ category and the Masters A & B and Novice category.The races were fashioned after Crit Style Cycling, where the spectators would be the prime audience, viewing the cyclists as they compete in a closed-circuit area. Each segment cyclists had to cycle for 40 minutes and at the end would be told how many more laps to complete before the race ended. This kept the race fast and exciting.

The Race results were as follows:ELITE:1. Daron Carty (AXA)2. Delroy Carty (AXA)3. Alexander Brooks-Austin (SXM)

MASTERS A:1. Patricio Carty (SXM)2. Benjamin Phillip (AXA)3. Jason Hodge (AXA)MASTERS B:1. Ralph Bred (SXM)

JUNIORS:1. Jahiem Kennedy- Hodge (SXM)2. Windner Guillaumette (SXM)3. Kamari Ruan (AXA)NOVICE:1. Carvin Proctor (AXA)2. Auran Hodge (AXA)3. Nicholas Carbon (AXA)

The next cycling race is scheduled for Sunday 2nd April, 2023, on the Long Path Road in front of Tropical Distributors.

The Anguilla Cycling Association is extending sincere gratitude to Flow, Pat Webb, The Royal Anguilla Police Force, Junie Fleming, visiting cyclists from both French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten, the Hennis family, the Association affiliates, Vaughn Hazell of AILive, the members of the ACA and the spectators.