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From May to December 2021, the Department of Youth and Culture in the Ministry of Social Development had the pleasure of working with research and strategy consultancy, Sound Diplomacy, to produce a Cultural Ecosystem Assessment of Anguilla.
The objective of this partnership was to identify ways to grow Anguilla’s cultural ecosystem and supply chain so that it creates jobs, drives sustainable tourism and does so inclusively – across all communities and demographics. This assessment helps to determine the most effective processes needed to create an equitable framework to develop the creative and cultural economy – in all its forms and functions – across the island.

With music genres from Calypso to Gospel (and everything in between), the unique use of natural resources and ongoing investment and promotion of Caribbean heritage, Anguilla is ripe with cultural diversity, creative energy and infrastructural potential. Today, we are making the Executive Summary for the project which covers a broad scope of creative sectors including Visual and Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Drama, and Dance, publicly available.

In this work, Sound Diplomacy looked at the policies that impact these sectors, and the people who work in the creative industries across Anguilla – and who generate such notoriety and sense of pride through their creative contributions.
Through a series of roundtable interviews, comparative assessments and regulatory research, the consultants got an understanding of the current state of the community and infrastructure restrictions, and determined what all partners can do to improve the overall well being of their industry. They then provided recommendations as a reflection of this research to guide the Government in making Anguilla a better place for artists and culture workers.
The Department of Youth and Culture thanks Sound Diplomacy for their efforts and diligence to this work, in order to ensure the greatest success for the growth and development our Creative and Cultural Economy. The full Executive Summary can be read here:

Or here:

About Sound Diplomacy
Sound Diplomacy is a global research and strategy consultancy with expertise in music, the night-time economy and wider creative industries. It works with regions, cities, venues and property developers to help identify, quantify and amplify opportunities for economic, social and cultural development. Sound Diplomacy’s team of researchers, data analysts, economists and consultants are based across Europe, North America and Latin America. The company also runs the leading series of conferences and events focussed on music and public policy, Music Cities Events, and are the creators of the international Music Cities Awards.

– Press Release
1 March 2022