The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Anguilla is now a member of the Commonwealth’s Blue Charter Action Group. That was announced by Parliamentary Secretary Mrs. Quincia Gumbs-Marie at the Government’s press briefing on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Mrs. Gumbs-Marie stated: “Anguilla has formally joined the Blue Charter Action Group on Sustainable Blue Economies of the Commonwealth. We were welcomed by the Honourable Dean Jonas, Minister of the Blue Economy of Antigua and Barbuda.”

She noted that “we will benefit from knowledge sharing from other small island developing states in the Commonwealth – and have access to markets and research.”

In terms of Anguilla’s participation in the Action Group, Mrs. Gumbs-Marie observed: “We will share our goals and aspirations, and have lots of resources to benefit from as it relates to support in building and expansion of our Blue Economy.

“Previously, OTs were left out of opportunities like this as it relates to the Commonwealth. So, we want to acknowledge the new approach from the Commonwealth. It is important for where we are now, and where we wish to be in the future, to have these relationships built with the Commonwealth.”

She concluded: “We have done a lot to move the conversation forward, especially as it relates to climate change. So, we are very honoured to have been welcomed to be a part of the Sustainable Blue Economies Group of the Commonwealth.”