The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

PS Mr. Foster Rogers

The Ministry of Health announced a new streamlined one-step application and approval process for admission to Anguilla.
Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Health, Mr. Foster Rogers, announced the entry protocols and explained the application process at the Government’s weekly press briefing on Monday, February 14. He noted that the new process removes the initial approval steps and wait-time for final admission.

He said: “We have begun the one-step approval process which removes the initial approval steps, and now permits final approval to be granted once [an application has been submitted and] the tests have been received and are valid. If applicants identify any issues – expired tests and tests not viewable – they are given feedback by the system so that they can correct it.”

Mr. Rogers explained that some persons had been submitting applications through the travel portal as far as six months in advance of their travel date. This was causing a backlog of applications and slowing down the process. The new one-step application process is recommended for persons desirous of travelling to Anguilla within a much shorter time frame.

He observed: “The new system permits persons to apply through the travel portal only ten days before arrival. This was done to improve speed and performance. Persons are encouraged to submit the application within seven to ten days of arrival to allow time for processing in case they encounter any difficulties.”

Persons are cautioned to actually press the submit button on the application to ensure its submission. Mr. Rogers noted: “You may receive a travel ID because you have generated an application, but that does not mean you have actually submitted an application. Once you have pressed the ‘submit’ button, you will receive an auto-generated E-mail acknowledging submission. That is very important. It lets you know that your application was submitted.”

Approved Testing for Travel to Anguilla

For clarification, until February 28, 2022, the following nasopharyngeal swab tests are accepted on the travel portal – Antigen test administered within 2 days prior to your arrival, and PCR test administered within 2-5 days prior to arrival.

As of March 1, 2022, the following nasopharyngeal swab tests will be accepted on the travel portal – Antigen test administered within 2 days prior to your arrival, and PCR test administered within 3 days prior to your arrival.