The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

In his 2022 Budget Address to the House of Assembly on January 4, 2022, the Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance and Health, Ellis L. Webster, MD, presented the following regarding funding for the operation of the Ministry of Home Affairs and its departments – for the year 2022:

The Ministry of Home Affairs has seen a slight decrease in the 2022 recurrent budget with a total of EC$8.51 million. This represents a decrease of 5.00 % or EC$0.45 million when compared to the 2021 approved budget of EC$8.96 million.

The 2022 recurrent expenditure will be used to:
1. Promote Labour Rights through Targeted Reforms.

a. Implement minimum wage legislation and focus on occupational health by amending the Labour Regulations Act.

b. Implement a Collective Bargaining Act for trade unions in the tourism industry, as well as other sectors, to allow for collective bargaining.

c. The Ministry of Home Affairs in conjunction with the Labour Department has undertaken a fundamental review of the Understudy and Career Development Policy in the tourism industry – and will be enshrining elements of this into legislation.

2. Secure our Boarders.

a. Further development of the E-Visa portal system to integrate other online processes.

b. Introduction of an Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) to allow for greater efficiency in the processing of passengers at the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.

c. Establish a checkout booth at the Blowing Point Port to allow for electronic capturing of passengers departing via that port – enhancing border security and effective monitoring of persons.

3. Digitise Land Administration. Address existing deficiencies by replacing an antiquated paper-based system with a digital system – Land Information System (LIS) – to enable the Department to efficiently administer land matters.

4. Develop a Modern Physical Planning Framework. Adoption and enforcement of robust building codes.

5. The Department of Information and Broadcasting will fully utilise new technologies. These include investing in high quality field cameras to improve visuals and further boost their online presence.

6. Finalise the current Constitutional and Electoral Reform process.